Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pre-Owned Exergen Comfort Scanner Temporal Thermometer SOLD


Had it for a year, LIKE NEW! only used a few times, with utmost care. Its working perfectly fine :) 

Accurate temperature with a gentle forehead scan. Method of choice of premier hospitals. Fast, accurate, non-invasive. Safe, and easy to use.
Gentle stroke of forehead captures naturally emitted heat from skin over temporal artery
Red LED lights and soft beep indicate correct scan
Takes 1,000 readings per second, selecting the most accurate
Arterial heat balance computes the correct temperature
9V battery included
More accurate than ear - Harvard Medical School study on infants
Accuracy comparable to rectal - Multiple hospital studies
Why the temporal artery?
Directly connected to the heart via the carotid artery
Has the constant blood flow needed for accurate measurement
Safest, most convenient, and comfortable place to measure temperature

Press and hold button, Lightly scan across forehead, Release button, read temperature